Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac., FABORM has more than 15 years experience and success with hundreds of patients seeking to optimize their reproductive health, conceive sooner, and have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Who We Treat

Wherever you find yourself along your journey to completing your family, our services can help:
Preparing for IVF
Natural Conception
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Partner with Sub-Fertile Sperm
Happy Mommas Ages 26-46 Who Overcame Infertility
15 Years Clinical Expertise Success with 100s of Patients
Certified in Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture by ABORM
Sensitive, Responsive, Trauma-Informed Practitioner

Effective Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Reproductive Health

Relaxing, rejuvenating treatment that benefits the whole body through the entire process of bring a healthy baby to the world:

Optimize Your Egg Quality and Uterine Lining
Our treatments increase pelvic circulation and hormone balance for healthier oocytes and endometrium
Get Digestive, Immune, and Nervous System Support
Good digestive health gets nutrients to your growing baby, nervous system balance helps avoid complications, and a strong immune system fights infections to keep your baby safe
Have More Regular and Less Painful Cycles
Acupuncture relieves menstrual cramps and clotting, regulates flow, and improves premenstrual symptoms for perfect uterine health
Get Pregnancy Support and Symptom Relief
Nurture your body through the physical demands of pregnancy. Pro-active acupuncture care reduces nausea, pain, swelling, constipation, and more for an easy and comfortable pregnancy

How Fertility Acupuncture Works

By Increasing Blood Flow to Ovaries and Uterus
This means more nutrients get to your egg cells and the cells that support early pregnancy through hormone production. When your uterine lining has been well supplied with healthy oxygenated blood, implantation is more likely to occur successfully
By Regulating Activity in Hypo-thalamic Ovarian Axis in the Brain
This means the deep structures in your brain that produce chemicals to regulate your menstrual cycle and metabolism are more responsive to signals received from your ovaries and vice-versa. Acupuncture calibrates and fine-tunes this (HPO axis) system.
By Improving Resilience to Stress and Promoting True Relaxation
With acupuncture, all your body systems recover easily from the stressors of daily life. You feel better, and fertility is enhanced because during times of unchecked stress cortisol levels may be high and progesterone may be low.
By Reducing Uterine Cramping at Key Times During Menstruation and Implantation
This means your uterus is more hospitable for implantation and early embryo development. Clinical research has shown, for example, that reducing uterine cramping during IVF procedures can increase implantation rates
By Increasing Sperm Production, Reducing Systemic Inflammation and Pathogenic Heat
This means your partner's sperm will be as genetically healthy and motile as possible. Most men with less-than-stellar sperm quality and motility have underlying imbalances or inflammation that can be corrected with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary and lifestyle changes
By Improving Libido and Overall Sexual Function
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been used for centuries to improve female and male sexual desire and function. And active and balanced sex life is one of the best ways to give a natural boost to your fertility. Stress and poor circulation can harm your sex life, and acupuncture helps with this!

What Our Patients Say

"(Jennifer is) incredibly knowledgable, a great listener, gentle and intuitive."
-- Laura
"I noticed a change in my periods right away. I have less pain and spotting. My mood is better and PMS symptoms are way better."
-- Caroline
"I wasn't really thinking it would happen on the first try." (PCOS Patient after several months on our pre-conception herbal and acupuncture program)
-- Megan
"I had hoped to have a child but after my 45th birthday and multiple miscarriages, I imagine my chances were slim...(but) I'm now the mother of a 2 year old little girl!"
-- Jody
"Just had my last ultrasound before the (egg) retrieveal - higher follicle count and bigger follicles than last time..."
-- Stephanie
"Um....I'm pregnant!?!" (patient diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes had been preparing for 1st IVF cycle but achieved natural conception)