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Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac provides her patients with time-tested healing wisdom delivered via modern modern bio-medicine and neuro-anatomy based acupuncture.  In practice since 2008, she opened New Channel Wellness in 2017, envisioning the clinic as a healing oasis where patients arrive with aches, pains, worrries, sometimes even hopelessness, and leave with relief, calm, perspective, and an open, expansive sense of new possibilities for healing and growth.

Treatment Philosophy

You body itself is the ultimate healer.  An integrative, repsonsive approach to healing is best.  Acupuncturists are your allies in health, and there is no conflict between modern bio-medicine and traditional East Asian Medicine concepts principles, and methods. Modern research is confirming much of the seemingly "mystical" wisdom of acupuncture, while the acupuncture community is embracing modern technologies and diagnostic methods!

  • To provide safe, effective, time-tested treatment that relieves symptoms while making your whole body stronger.
  • To produce clinically measurable results and symptom relief in the shortest time possible. 
  • To listen with compassion and respect to your needs and concerns.  To support your decisions about your health and your healthcare goals. 
  • To witness your healing journey with caring and empathy. 
  • To help you navigate through and prioritize your treatment options in the way that works best for you and your family.

Step 1:  Truly Listen:  this means taking a thorough history in the Chinese Medical tradition, but also collecting relevant medical information, and hearing your story about what's going on with your health, how it's affecting you, and what results you hope for.

Step 2: Select and deliver the best treatment possible: by relieving your complaint without causing new problems.  What's missing in the modern medical systems is, often, context.  You are not a symptom or disease. You are a being comprised of many sub-systems functioning inside of many larger external systems both natural and man-made. Good treatment harmonizes and improves function of systems, and promotes self-correction and self-healing in the future.


Over the years, hundreds of our patients have experienced relief from terrible pain, got their function and mobility back, can literally smile agian, are more productive at work, finally had a baby, made peace with old grief, live life without anxiety...all kinds of change are possible with skillful acupuncture care.

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If you are a prospective patient or health professional wanting to learn more about the services and expertise offered at New Channel Wellness, Jennifer would love to connect!  If you're ready to schedule an appointment now, visit our online booking page by clicking below.


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